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RenoTracks Instructions

Upon launching the app, you'll find yourself on the "Record" screen.

Confirm the iPhone has a good fix on your location by checking the map before tapping Start. (GPS conditions sometimes prevent accurate location. If this is the case, cycle a short distance and check again.)

When you're ready to start recording your ride, tap "Start."

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Recording a ride

RenoTracks will vibrate and ring like a bicycle bell periodically to remind you it is recording. If your battery goes below a 20% charge, the app will automatically stop recording and shut down.

When your ride is over, tap "Save." If you don't want to save the trip and upload the data - for whatever reason - simply choose "Cancel." If you have switched to another app while recording your ride, you can get back to RenoTracks by selecting it from your Home Screen or from the App Switcher.

Reno Tracks screen 2  

Specifying the trip purpose

Select a purpose on the "Trip Purpose" screen and tap "Save." We're interested in the MAIN purpose for each trip you make. If you're unsure how to categorize a trip, select "Other" from the Trip Purpose chooser. You can always include a comment before transmitting.

Reno Tracks will prompt you to enter comments or notes on the ride, which you can skip if you have none. It will then upload your ride data, notifying you when done. If there's a problem connecting to the server, it will prompt you to retry at another time.


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After your data is uploaded, Reno Tracks displays the map of your ride, showing the route, distance travelled, and average speed.

"My Trips" in the tab-bar at the bottom of the screen shows a list of all your rides, with dates, times, and mileage. Tap on a trip to display its map. Share the map with others by zooming in or out, taking a screenshot (press Sleep/wake and Home simultaneously), and sending it via email or downloading it to your computer. Tap "Edit" on the trip list to delete a trip.

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Mark can be used at any time during recording or not. The purpose of 'Mark" is to mark a point of interest, any point that can help the cycling community or issues that can help improve the cycling experiance. Some examples would be marking a water fountain or bike parking location, or marking a pot-hole or other bike lane issues.

Reno Tracks screen 4  


Entering personal info is completely optional and confidential, and, if you choose to participate, only has to be done once. It involves a few basic questions useful to our study. If you wish to give us your email address, someone may contact you directly about your experience using RenoTracks or bicycling in the city. Tap "Save" when finished.


Steps to make sure Reno Tracks works properly

For your own safety, please do not listen to music with your headphones, talk on the phone, or look at the screen while cycling.

When you are not recording a ride, you can close the RenoTracks app in order to improve your battery life. (To close the app, double-click the "Home" button to open the App Switcher. Press and hold the Reno Tracks app icon. Then press the red circle on the RenoTracks app to close it. Press the "Home" button again to quit the App Switcher.)