Where are the tracks, and who are trackers? Check out this amazing 2014 RenoTracks data analysis.

Track Data

Use your phone's GPS to record your routes. RenoTracks will allow you to record the location of bike racks, obstructions, or anything that makes a difference to cyclists. Look at the app instructions and screenshots for a preview, and see all of Reno's tracks on the interactive map.

Pave the Future

Information collected by the app will be used to make strategic improvements to bicycle infrastructure. This will make cycling in Reno far more pleasant, and encourage those who currently don’t bike to give it a go.

Follow the Project

We encourage your strong support to improve our community. This is all about you Reno! Stay involved and follow the project on Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub.


RenoTracks is a joint project created during the 2013 Hack 4 Reno hackathon for the Nevada Bicycle Coalition to develop a reliable and accurate method of collecting cycling data from Reno bicyclists, for Reno bicyclists.

Contact Us

RenoTracksInfo@gmail.com for help, general inquiries, comments or questions.